The Contreras Foundation

The Contreras Foundation

The Contreras Foundation
Family Unity through Giving

What started with a marriage in 1889 in Kern County between Carmen “Nani” Araujo and Vicente “Cito” Contreras, has grown to a family of more than 400 people and seven generations.

From our first family reunion in 1979 to our most recent in 2019, The Contreras Family has been committed to family and the benefits we can provide by giving back to our communities within Kern County, the birthplace of The Contreras Family.

The Contreras Foundation was founded to award college scholarships to Kern County students based upon need, grit and determination. We have been doing this for over 30 years. In the last 10 years, we have distributed over $70,000.

The Contreras Foundation is governed by an elected Board of Directors, whose responsibility it is to, promote family unity through giving.

In 2020, the family voted to extend it’s annual college scholarship giving to include a pledge to B.C. Foundation. The total pledge is $40,000, with the intent to award three scholarships a year for at least 20 years, to help students begin or continue their college journey.

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